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Corner Edge of a Fogged Window

Even the Best Insulated Windows Can Fail, Leading to Fogged Glass

Fogged windows detract from the beauty of your home and make it difficult for you, your family, and guests to sit in your living room and enjoy the view of the beach or your Jacksonville FL yard. You will be able to see clearly, thanks to the experts at Baker Glass Inc., proudly serving the Jacksonville FL area. Call today for a free estimate at 904-413-9764.

The Science of Fogged Windows

Insulated windows, or double-pane windows, were developed to be more energy-efficient than standard windows. To accomplish this, two panes of glass are sealed together in one window frame with ½ or ¾ of an inch of air between them.

Gases, such as argon or krypton, and films often are used between the panes to increase the windows’ insulating ability. Most modern insulated windows have two seals. The outer seal makes the window strong and durable. The inner seal provides protection against age and corrosion. If one seal breaks down and is compromised, the good news is that the other can pick up the slack. The bad news – the extra wear on the remaining seal breaks it down quickly, allowing moisture and condensation to build up.

You get fogged windows when moisture forms between the panes of glass. Because the condensation – or fog – is on the inside of the glass, you can’t get to it, and no amount of cleaning your windows will help. Once the seal breaks down, you have foggy window glass until it is replaced.

Why Insulated Windows Fail

The seals on insulated windows usually fail for three main reasons:

Water: The windows are installed improperly or the window frame is constructed in a way that allows water to stand around the bottom of the window. Puddling water breaks down the seals over time, leading to fogged windows.

Heat: Windows that get a lot of direct sunlight are especially prone to failure because the heat causes the seals to expand and contract, which leads to failure and foggy glass.

Age: Even the most durable, best-built windows wear out at some point.

Not only do fogged windows make your home or business look bad, but they don’t insulate your building from the outside temperatures as well as they should. In return, your air conditioner or heater has to work harder to control the interior temperature, and your electric bill goes up.

If the windows are repaired quickly, sometimes the cloudy glass can be restored to like-new conditions. This also will restore the windows’ insulating R-value. If the cloudy glass is left alone for an extended amount of time, the condition will become permanent, and the windows must be replaced.

If you clean your cloudy glass constantly and still have fogged windows, the only option is to get them professionally repaired or replaced.

Baker Glass Repairs and Replaces Fogged Windows

Businesses and homes with foggy windows look neglected and run-down. Contact the experts at Baker Glass immediately for fogged glass replacement. One of our cloudy glass specialists will examine your windows and provide a free estimate on repairing or replacing those ugly windows.

Don’t live with unsightly fogged windows that you can’t see through. Call Baker Glass for a free repair or replacement estimate today at 904-413-9764.

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