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A Flower Vase and a Cup of coffee kept on a table with wooden circular designs on the wall in the background

Have you run out of ideas on how to make that small space appear larger? Sure, you’ve decluttered, bought multifunctional furniture, and even opted for all neutral colors-but have you thought about using mirrors to fool the eye?

Strategically placed mirrors can greatly enhance the space of a room visually, whether you use small, large, square, or round ones. By reflecting light and space, the use of mirrors is the perfect method to make any room look more spacious and elegant.

Here are some of our favorite tips to use throughout the house:

  1.  Instead of buying one large, expensive mirror for your living room, you can buy a few smaller mirrors and paint the frames the same color, so you can layer and stack them to create a beautiful centerpiece.
  2. For a more designer feel, you can add mirrored tiles to your cabinets to bounce the light around the kitchen.
  3. Finding the right piece of art to go above your sofa can be a tiresome and expensive endeavor, but placing a mirror either above or behind it, can help open up the room.
  4. Propping a large mirror on the opposite side of your largest window, can maximize the amount of natural light reflected in your living room.
  5. Installing mirrored wall panels can transform a cramped bathroom into a tranquil haven.
  6. Instead of paying for an expensive backsplash behind your stove, you can a mirror to brighten up what’s usually a dark area in the kitchen.
  7. If your house doesn’t have many windows, you can always fake one by adding mirrors that are shaped like one. If you’re having trouble finding the right one, you can always stack multiple square mirror tiles to give that same look and feel.
  8. Installing long, skinny mirrors horizontally to the walls in the living room, instantly makes the wall look longer than it actually is.Try alternating the mirrors with wood paneling to help break up the reflection of the room.
  9. A great trick to make your bedroom appear larger, can be solved by placing a mirror above your bed, instead of using a more traditional headboard.
  10. A great trick to make your bedroom appear larger, can be solved by placing a mirror above your bed, instead of using a more traditional headboard.

Whether you are looking for bathroom mirrors to enhance custom glass shower enclosures, mirror closet doors, or wall mirrors for your home or business, our friendly experienced staff at Baker Glass is here to help you with any size project.

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