The Future of Windshields

You may be familiar with augmented reality (AR) on your smartphone, but did you know that AR is quickly coming to your car’s windshield?

One company called Navdy is creating a device that can be plugged into the car’s on-board diagnostic port (while connecting to your smartphone) enabling it to pull information from both the internet and the vehicle itself. Navdy can project maps, caller IDs, messages, emails and music that you can navigate through by using a steering wheel-mounted thumb dial or gesture sensors. The chief revenue officer of Navdy, Dan Currie, said that one of challenges in adding AR to cars is the cost of transforming a windshield into a transparent T.V. screen.


Another start-up company, WayRay, is producing something similar by creating a small projection system that can be installed in almost any car model. The promotional photos of Porsche’s windshield included racing lines, braking points, speed, and lap times. Hyundai also
invested in WayRay, and their version of the technology showed blind spots and a safe following distance warning.


Even Apple jumped on the AR bandwagon, when they filed for a patent that would allow passengers in different vehicles to FaceTime each other! According to the patent the smart windshield would even be able to detect if the driver is stressed by scanning eye motion, heart rate, and posture. The car would then try to alleviate that stress, though it’s still unclear how that would work.


Overall, AR isn’t that great of jump for the auto industry-as it lines up with current safety technology already available, such as lane departure warnings, automatic emergency braking, collision warnings, and so on. Many hope that if AR was built into the windshield that it will help cut back on distracted driving.

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